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Greek komboloi. A unique gift for Christmas

Greek komboloi is a string of beads manipulated with one or two hands and used to pass time in Greek culture.

Greek Komboloi has several uses in Greek Culture

  • Relaxation
  • Guard against bad luck
  • Limit smoking
  • As a mark of social prestige speciallu in thw case of expensive worry beads made of silver or amber

Greek Komboloi may be constructed from any type of bead. Amber, wood and coral are preferred as they are pleasant to handle.

Greek komboloi has an odd number of beads. Genuine komboloi usually have 33 beads as the age of Christ. But numbers like 23 are very common. The head is composed of a fixed bead commonly known as papas (priest), a shield (thyreos) to separate the two threads and help the beads to flow freely and a tassel..